Sunday, August 8, 2010

The PM's National Day Message

I would just like to quote and comment on a paragraph from the PM's speech.

Our education system caters to all students, and not just the most outstanding ones. Our schools go beyond book learning to teach students how to solve problems, and imbue them with sound moral values. We create multiple pathways for students of different abilities and interests to progress. We help every neighbourhood school to be a good school, with its own strengths and specialities. We identify and develop each student’s talents, and give him every opportunity to excel.

The above is not true for my family and at least one other. When were overseas, they fail to live up to the requirements for the LOA scheme. We got practically nothing from both schools to help my children keep up with their work. 

They have good intentions, but their execution is really wanting.

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  1. It sounds more like a goal to reach. I wish it was currently true :)