Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philippines Malaise

Philippines policemen enjoying a photo memento in front of the of the hijacked bus of the botched rescue? This is gross insensitivity. Now I understand why they get the government they deserve. There is little hope for the good ones except to leave their beloved land. No more restrain influence from them, they will sink into the abyss. Truly the sick man of Asia.


  1. The filipinos followed up with worse outrage. They went to the funeral house, got the caskets open and take pictures of the deceased. Just when you thought they have reached bottom, they find something lower to achieve!

  2. The outrage never stops. Now the family of the dead murdered was shamelessly honored with the state flag draped over his casket. The Chinese angrily protested and the government removed it.

    That country needs a lot of new laws as they do not know how to even behavior properly at the very basic level. Of course, this is not happening. The rot there is deep.