Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Backlash against foreigners

As happening elsewhere, a rising backlash against foreigners here. First it was the lady PR who marched for China's National Day, now this. GV must have been clueless about the mood out there. I thought they should have known better. As usual Singapore style of management often miss critical information. It is our culture.

Citizens do not see the benefits of admitting so many foreigners.

Why give discounts to China patrons only?

Tue, Oct 13, 2009

The New Paper
By Elysa Chen

SOME Singaporean moviegoers were unhappy over Golden Village's "buy three get one free" promotion aimed at Chinese nationals for the Chinese movie The Message.

Netizens felt it was unfair that only a specific group got to enjoy the promotion for the thriller about Chinese spies in the 1940s.

About 160 people even signed up to boycott Golden Village cinemas.
Explaining the promotion, a Golden Village Multiplexes spokesman said: "Rather than GV trying to segregate Singaporeans, this was meant as an incentive for Chinese nationals who might not otherwise have celebrated their national day (by) watching the movie.

"And it's a common practice among many marketers to tactically go for a niche market to increase their sales, such as promotions specially for students and the elderly, etc."

In a post on the Stomp forum, one netizen suggested that the move could be part of the Government's initiative to help foreign talent integrate better with locals.

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