Thursday, March 15, 2018

UOB Internet Banking dongle

DBS Bank was better. When my dongle no longer worked they replaced it on the spot. Activating the new dongle was a breeze.

After more than 10 years my UOB dongle display is almost invisible. When I took it to the Holland Village branch, the officer told me I had to wait five working days to get a new dongle. She told me she was aware that DBS replaced it on the spot but at her bank they are not able to do the same.

Whilst driving I got a call from the UOB officer. She discovered we are "Privilege Banking" customers and offered to move our cash to a higher yielding product. I told her I am only interested in moving the money to another bank. Also I never signed up for Privilege Banking. They sent me the forms but I never signed and returned them. Then one day, we were "Privilege" customers.

What I wanted from them are very simple things, done conveniently and efficiently. Now I wonder would I have gotten the dongle on the spot if we told them we were ":Privilege" customers. I can't imagine the much higher class Private Banking would not have a dongle replaced on the spot.

No matter, I can't imagine staying with them for another ten years for this dongle's display to fade.

Well the story didn't end here. When I got my dongle, I failed to activate it when I followed the procedure correctly. Apparently I needed to wait ten minutes for the system to get updated but there was nothing to advise so. I thought something was wrong and I called customers service for help. The call lasted more than ten minutes. The problem solved itself.

So what good is UOB  to us? The queue at their ATMs is almost always shorter than DBS/POSB.

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