Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Nothing new here: Singtel sucks

For years now, we all know Singtel sucks. We have usually managed to deal with them quite successfully though. It is the papers and social media we got to learn how bad their service is.

The secret to "staying safe" with Singtel is to keep your business simple, engaging them with the sales and service processes which most of their customers need them for. If you do that you are OK. Unfortunately that formula did not work for me a few days ago.

Yesterday, I waited a whole day for the SIM card to arrive to no avail (see their email above). Today I called them and as usual after almost half an hour wait, I was told it would be coming to me in the mail and the card is set for activation on March 28. I asked them why didn't they say so in the first place?

Moral: Avoiding transacting online with Singtel.

The last time we tried buying Office 365 for the family, we had a lot of problems until it ended with them offering wifey, "a thousand apologies". That month we didn't even receive our regular bills from them.

The reason for this blog post is I forgot Singtel sucks. Now I will remember for a long time and act defensively to protect ourselves.

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