Saturday, February 10, 2018

Facebook calling: Please come back

I somehow knew this would come. I have no time to blog, much less for Facebook which I mostly use for reading news and following some news makers and experts.

Some friends distract me with their show offs. It is an air brushed life, I know them too well to know how made up it is.

It is not bad as a birthday reminder but I do not send them birthday greetings over Facebook, instead I use another Facebook property: Whatsapp.

I think the going is going to get tougher for Facebook. Many will discover the hard way it is often a waste of time and it would be a tough challenge for Facebook to keep them.

Google products are more useful and in fact indispensable. Can't imagine how I can get by without Gmail, Google, and Maps. Chrome is also for now the most sensible web browser as well. YouTube often makes sense as well.

I almost forgot Android. That is the soul of my phone.

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