Saturday, November 4, 2017

SMRT: Better at politics than maintenance

The offer of amnesty was a clever move by SMRT management but you can't draw wool over the eyes of HR people after trying to do that with engineers. The management is just lucky that most people are not familiar with engineering or HR.

Amnesty is a shrewd move to reset all the mistakes and cowardice before. With it you can bury the possibility of pursuing an inquiry that you winked in approval as the working level running against time and resource constraint took risks with maintenance. The problem is those workers never imagined something like this would happen and when it did they would find it hard to trust you.

Who cares about what the other experts think, what mattered here is the HR perspective as clearly spelled out by David Leong (see above). A cultural issue is a HR issue and not engineering or audit issues.

Amnesty doesn't work for companies. It never has and never will. An example which it works was when President Jokowi declared a tax amnesty for Indonesia's rich. You can sack an employee but compared to citizenship, that is as good as impossible to remove.

Update: Nov 7, 8:05 am

Of course there were no lapses on LTA and MOT part. The structure was set up in such a way that SMRT will take the hit for any failure. If you were prepared to suffer the political hit of allowing lines to be shut down occasionally for maintenance, none of these would have happened. Planned downtime is better than forced downtime but you people were wishful, hoping that you can dodge the bullet. Unfortunately you never understood train systems well enough to know that with sufficient confidence. That is why newly built lines have problems which commuters cannot help but noticed even on open day and first day. 

Those who are shrewd would avoid working for SMRT or any train operator. It is a heads and tails you lose between you and the regulator. You also end up as the punching bag for commuters as well. 

Desmond Kuek full of misplaced confidence from the SAF never understood what he signed up for. 

Update: Nov 8 5:45 am

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