Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Trump's unilateralism: Skipping the EAS

I read about foreign policy analysts moping over Trump's planning to skip the East Asia Summit in the Washington Post. They are incredulous that he would just be 80km and one day away from the place of meeting and chose to fly home to the US instead of delaying a day.

I think Trump is just very personal about Obama. The EAS is too closely associated with his predecessor and he has been out to reverse everything the Black Man had done. The other reason is to tell the other participants at the EAS that America would do as it wish. This is a mistake whose cost is not yet obvious. Don't try to understand Trump through your preferred lenses. You have to take him as his is and start from the person is was in the past or simply read him wrong all the time. These cocky analysts always think Trump is stupid and he ought to listen to their advice, but look who is president?

Trump prefers to deal nation to nation. That was why it was important for us to invite him to visit and he promised he will come.

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