Friday, September 15, 2017

SG Presidency with a "natural sunset"

How we got to Halimah Yacob as president is a series of intelligence insulting moves by people who are very smart. The PM should just have accepted the Chief Justice and his committee suggestion to scrap voting for the president and return to an appointed one. Now we have got the worst of everything instead.

In April the Chief Justice said as reported by the ST.

Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, who chairs the Commission, said the provision had a "natural sunset" as it would not be invoked if Singapore progressed towards a race-blind society and elected a minority president on its own accord.

What natural sunset? That is just disingenuous. Look across the Causeway, the NEP is supposed to achieved a natural sunset as well. History and our founding fathers would also add that there is no such thing. This is like giving a little kid a calculator hoping that he will learn mental sums. People don't give up their crutches. You PM and cronies have humiliated the Malays and dishonored our pledge.

Here is a couple of comments on the story above. Her very beginning speeches show that this president is one who would ask "how high?" when the PM said "jump!"

Halimah you are LHL and the PAP "Yes Sir" president. You are not our president. We have effectively only one key to the reserves.

Today the government is morally and politically dishonest, tomorrow it would be criminally as well. It is not a matter of if but when.

Why do the government want to gut the system unless in case they need to abuse it? When the time comes they will say they are doing it in the name of the people but that is just self deception.

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