Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Changi Airport T4 Open House

Took quite a few photos at the Terminal 4 open house yesterday and reproducing by favourite three here.

Beautiful ornamental orchids line the whole length of the departure hall.

This is not just a picture, it is fully animated between three shows but this one showing how luggage overly creatively handled was wifey's favourite. Good for distracting restless people as they wait for their turn to have their travel credentials and security checked.

The the picture before part of this wall is animated as well. It presented a show of romance between a Peranakan young man and woman who were neighbors. The show ends when the couple got married. 

Mr. Singh wore one of the most beautiful turban I have ever come across :-)

And I just have to add that the temperature was a slightly chilly 22.2C but give me this anytime over the hot weather outside. 

All in it was quite fun.

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  1. Thanks for guiding us through the Changi T4 Open House with these beautiful photos! Happy Travels ahead!

    Tom & Kate,