Wednesday, July 5, 2017

PAP: "No pinching my nose to vote for Trump"

I resent how this issue is consuming time I do not have. The only speech I heard from start to end was the 12 minutes one by ESM Goh. Certainly I didn't care for the PM's 38 mins speech except to read about his teary moment talking about his late father telling him to look after the family if anything would to happen to him. So I came across this by serendipity and no I didn't spare the 5 mins to hear Teo Chee Hean out. I imagined the earful from the other ministers and MPs.

It is unconscionable to use parliament to bully private citizens. It is shameful. Remember how Chng Hee Cock also used the chamber to bully Philip Yeo and many shameless MPs stood with Mr. Cock with their bird talk? The PAP is very tribal. They have each other back regardless of merit. Philip Yeo was only saved because ministers are also members of the civil service tribe defended him.

No pinching my nose to vote for the PAP. Moral hazard will make them weak until they destroy Singapore because they also make sure they remain impossible to challenge successfully. Ownself check ownself ensures that.

Since the opposition parties are not up to the task of governing, they will win elections but I would like to see them win without the people's mandate. If they are shrewd they ought to pass a law to avoid that outcome. Politics everywhere has become pregnant with surprises.

Update: 8:00 pm

I just came across this and was piqued by what Heng Swee Keat remarks and decided to spend the 22 mins listening to his speech in full.

I mostly agree with him even on abuse of power by the PM because that is not proven. There were wiser ways for the PM and his involved ministers to respond to the siblings allegations which they failed to. How could these people who are far more intelligent than me not do any of those? I am forced to conclude the PM has something to hide. He will never sue his siblings because that would be the end of him. Neither can the siblings continue to bring out more dirty laundry because ESM Goh had put paid to that. They can move on to the serious business of governing. But the PM is tarnished beyond repair and the plans to succeed him should be hastened.

If he leads the PAP I might support him but if it is LHL certainly not.

Update: 11:40 pm

What a hare brained and mischievous suggestion from Shanmugam. Even Trump does better than this. This guy is unfit to be an MP much less a minister. Insult our intelligence even on his on Facebook page, commenters found that incredible.

It is important to do you homework and it is also very difficult as well since most of us do not have the time. The PAP knows this and throw us a ton of reading materials to drown us. I so happened to recall that according to the PM his siblings had threatened to expose him during the 2015 elections. If jealousy was the reason as Shanmugam disingenuously suggested then why wait till 2017. It is because the siblings held out hope for achieving their objective of demolishing the house. Jealousy cannot be the reason. Hong Jassmen and five others must also have found that incredulous.

But why would Shanmugam care? Only a few of us, too few to matter would have noticed. But he is stupid to try his luck. I hope it redound on him.

ESM Goh had pulled wool over many people's eyes and for practical and sad reasons I have chosen to look the other way to buy time because PM Lee has taken Singapore hostage. Don't be an idiot and expose the ESM tactic. I hope you get a good scolding from him because it is not true the siblings were trying to take the PM down. If the PM were upright, nothing would stick, not even public opinion would turn against him since he was such a popular leader. Only evidence and not allegations or speculations can take the siblings down in the opinion of many of us. The nation is divided because the PM is afraid to sue. That is family before nation when his late father has always put nation before family.

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