Thursday, July 6, 2017

Leon Perera's Speech: A very good 11 mins I missed

An eleven minutes speech which I should have made time for but how could I? I don't even know it was useful and there were so many speeches. The ones who curate the news for us has a lot of power.

Fortunately my former classmate pointed it out as worth listening and so I did. Instead of the front page of the ST, we have friends to help us with what to read or view.

Meanwhile the ST app sucks. It had sucked from the beginning, long enough for me to run it on several devices and it is still very unreliable, the worst app ever. I have lost count how many times I wanted to terminate my subscription. My brother and sister already have and for a long time too.

1 comment:

  1. The only way forward out of this mess, is for PM Lee to resign and step down to settle this as a private citizen. The siblings has explicitly said there're reserve of evidence and the quarrels is not with the govt. No need to drag us down.

    Then LHL can either (1) join his siblings side to fulfil his parents wish to demolish the house or (2) take up the fight in court against them over the disagreement. The govt of the day (DPM Teo or Tharman?) can then decide how to engage with the wining party in (1) or (2). That way everybody's interest & position is crystal clear. PAP has to do the right thing and uphold the rule of law.

    Any other better suggestions out there?