Monday, July 3, 2017

38 Oxley Road: Parliament to safeguard "useful idiots"

I didn't bother to follow the "debate" in parliament earlier today. What for? A friend shared the transcript of what the PM said etc., See below and double click to enlarge if hard to read.

In the red box, I said,

The answer is in the process. If you think you have no stake in this then wait for time to reveal but if you do then the answer is a bespoke one. At the macro level whoever has the useful idiots on their side will win, at least in the short term if truth is not on your side.
What is a Lenin's useful idiot?

Fortunately in certain matters like security, finance and bread and butter issues there are few useful idiots here. The upcoming presidential elections could easily be hijacked as a referendum on the PAP government. Time will tell.

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  1. PM Lee’s views: While LKY wanted the house demolished, but he was prepared to consider alternatives should the Government decide otherwise. //

    There is no But. If LKY "accepts" the alternatives, old man would have made him simply the executor and trustee and not put him through such agony. Clearly old man understands LHL as PM =Govt. Based on last will and evidence alone, all other arguments by useless idiots simply do not hold water.