Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We stood firm against China's bullying

We were going about our business as usual when the Chinese decided to test us. In fact everyone has been testing us to see what we are like after LKY passed away. Hence the constant reference to LKY vs LHL government in Global Times etc., The first was Israel but in a friendly way whose president came to LKY funeral and wanted to discuss business with the PM when he and the nation was deep in grief.

People hate to be tested but I think if one is ready, it is good as it helps us get promoted to the next level. Despite our small size, we stood our ground against China. We will not and will work hard not to be a supplicant and vassal to China. India resisted the BRI as a big country. We are a small country and we have our ways of standing firm. Unlike others, we are up front with the Chinese. We make what everyone perceives as the usual weaknesses of a small state turning them into strengths.

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