Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trump: Pouring out more embarassment

Kim Jong Un must be loving this: More Pyongyang than Washington.

If you represent the US, your cup of embarrassment must have been full to overflowing that you would drink from the saucer in utter humiliation. Even irreverent Hollywood would never do a movie of US president making sycophant fools of his cabinet. These are early days yet and I wonder how long they can last.

Hear them for yourself or read it here.

Kudos to Mattis, along with Tillerson proved to be the exception.

Meanwhile this story has risen to the top among NYT readers. No doubt other media would be carrying it, liberal leaning talk show hosts will make fun of it as Senator Schumer already has.

And the rest of the world just simply have to take Mattis advice to us when he was in Singapore recently. He quoted from Churchill that America has to try every wrong thing before it would do the right thing and she will get there.

Here is hoping that Churchill astute observation continues to be right.

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