Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump: Early chickens back to roost already

That story is not by the NYT, CNN or many of the media outlets which do not like Trump. It is Republican friendly WSJ.

These are the first chickens coming home to roost for Trump. Does he knows and fortunately for him it is really hard count convincingly how many jobs would be lost when travelers stay away from the US? Easily more than the jobs he had "saved"

The loss to the US economy from declining visitors would be minuscule compared to his other policies especially on trade and the environment. Fortunately for America, most businesses and municipalities, many governors will ignore him and look to the future rather than back.

First they must try as best as possible to make Trump irrelevant then they must get rid of him. Bearing in mind that making him irrelevant actually helps him to stay in office unless by 2020 they become more motivated than 2016 to show up and vote.

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