Thursday, June 29, 2017

Oxford Dr. Thum on the Lees family legacy

It feels like everyone is going to view this interview clip. Below was my emailed response when someone pointed me to this interview:

Oh yes, I caught it earlier today courtesy of Tan Kin Lian on Facebook. What a clear thinker! But he was only looking at it from the slanted western point of view. We have to understand given Singapore's society what would not just work but also works best for us. That would on a risk adjusted and practical basis be modifying what we have bequeathed from LKY instead of a complete overhaul which we do not have the brain trust or leadership to carry.

What we can be sure of is that a two party adversarial system would not work here. As LHY as pointed out, we would need a better check on the abuse of power. Look at Tony Tan, he is useless for this (why is Lucien Wong the AG now?). In a few months the PAP will get a wake up call from voters if their preferred candidate loses in the prezzie elections.

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