Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oval Office Ah Beng and his audio tapes

So happened this Chao White Ah Beng is president or he would have been destroyed by the men he was trying to play games with it.

There ain't no tapes of any recordings between him and former FBI director James Comey. Even his spokespeople do not want to speak for him on this matter. One of them was even cheeky to say she might have to check underneath the couches to be sure.

Meanwhile this is selling papers and air time. I hope they remember to bring back the Russian connection here though. They will be back as Comey warned (I think they just lie low and never left). The media consuming public is so bad at prioritizing what is important.

Did we get any closure on his false accusation that Obama had Trump Tower bugged? He just assumed none of these stick. Don't be so cocky, none of these infarction are forgotten but will ripen with time and there will be hell to pay.

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