Thursday, June 1, 2017

Opioid Crisis: Dealing the American way

The US is a society that loves to learn lessons the hard way. As an outsider I naturally saw it differently from them and my first lesson about them leaning this way was Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Big business or organized pressure groups are always taking them for a ride. This is just one of countless instances when business studied the consumer for vulnerabilities and duly exploit them for profit.

Always this word: misrepresentation

Matched to the gullible, mixing in the pot and prepare a stew

misrepresentation +  gullible = profits.

Unless civil society and government protect the public, many will be harmed. Everywhere business try to seize or failing that effectively bought the commanding heights of the economy hoping to be there forever. Of course that never last and winning societies are those which can battle each other and resolve such issues non-violently.

Link to WSJ article.

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