Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hassle getting refund from Qoo10

What a joke! They paid for the shipping of the unserviceable product I sent back but would not refund me. I told them they are mistaken.

With Qoo10 there is no customer service when $$$ is involved. Yep, I had to remind them they promised to pay the shipping of the returned product before they reimbursed me. I had to repeat the demand for the refund that we had a deal or why would they pay for the return shipping. I think they have a really messy process for refund. Management probably use such oversight to keep liquidity at maximum for the business. I think this is myopic and certainly the polar opposite of the experience I have had and heard from others with Amazon.

Now if you organize the info for Qoo10 to save them from sorting out the mess on their own, they act quickly.

Nobody enjoys receiving a damaged product and go through the hassle of return and refund. I hope the company would put in the effort to do a better job. For me I have become more open minded about giving other online buying service a try. 

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