Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Familee Quarrel over 38 Oxley Road

This government and the Cabinet too free izit? Spending so much time over something so simple. Just honour the late Lee Kuan Yew's and his wife wishes to have their house demolished when Lee Wei Ling moves out. So simple, they cannot understand unless you have loaded this up with some hidden objectives, which is now dirty linen publicly washed.

I haven't been blogging much or I binge blog because I have no time. This post would not be happen had some of my friends and I not been discussing this on and off over Whatsapp. Here goes in eight screen shots.

Before that the release of letter by Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang which started it all: See here.

We owe the late Lee Kuan Yew and Kwa Geok Choo a deep debt of gratitude we can never repay. The least we could do is to honour their wishes to have 38 Oxley Road eventually demolished. I am just very angry that this self serving PAP would now be trying to make something so simple complicated so that they can preserve the house. This will end up damning the house isn't it? Damn you Lee Hsien Loong a most unfilial son. You and Ho Ching have tarnished your father's legacy because you left your siblings with no choice but make this public to get our support. 

Action point: Immediately disband that nefarious committee looking into this issue and publicly commit to at the right time demolish the house. 

Update: 10:00 pm

This is not a normally family or I would agree family quarrels should remain within the family. 

At the personal level the siblings just want to see their late parents wishes complied with and it would certainly have if they are just like any family. There are many like Francis who has failed to recognize this point. There are features in Confucianism that is self serving for practical reasons but it also simply means refusing to see the problem but bury it until it bursts out of the ground again too late to fix. Please understand the success of Singapore is judiciously combining Confucianism and liberal values pragmatically. 

Now I am waiting to see the PAP and the Cabinet acting in a tribal fashion. They will close ranks and defend their boss. This is just human nature. The Republicans do that for their incompetent president too. You see such behavior in the office all the time as well. Only public opinion makes a difference here. The public will get what it deserve.

Update: 11:45 pm

In order not to look "petty" because what has some very old bricks and mortar standing or taken down compared to national interest, but the two are inseparable. The house is an indispensable device for any hidden motivations which is now brought to light but denied by the PM. 

Update: June 15 5:10 pm

Lee Hsien Yang suggested in his latest Facebook post that his elder brother has been duplicitous. He laid out the facts in a table. 

How is this going to end. LHY and LWL are also taking a risk. It is not easy to communicate and carry the public with you. The majority of Chinese are just turned off as being Confucian leaning that you do not air family grievance publicly. It is a tall order explaining to them this goes well beyond the family. By and large the majority of people will respond instinctively rather than logically. 

Update: June 15 11:10 pm

The PM threw a very hard to read 41 points summary of his statutory declaration and his brother simply brought a simple fact into the light. 

"How could Lee Kuan Yew not know when he initialled right beneath the Demolition Clause and LHL has the will?"

Moral: Don't throw smoke bombs. It only makes things worse. 

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