Friday, June 2, 2017

Death of Truth and Facts in America

In the noisy cacophony of America, it is good to hear from one of our own first hand his experience there. The above is the story of Ravi Velloor eye witness account of America today. And I reproduce the part marked out in a red box.

Enough white Americans have become so cynical and suspicious that they do not know or care what the truth or facts are. Unconsciously they ended up agreeing with Trump who gave voice to their prejudices. Since those are shared by many, it became truth. Very quickly lies turned into truth because it felt so right.

Felt like the death of truth but it is too early to write its obituary.

Facts are terribly persistent and will always figure endless ways to remind you of your disrespect of it through failure and pain. Suit yourselves if you are so stubborn and foolish to want to learn the hard way.

I pray that there is enough time for that. If we survive this, we will be better off. Fortunately I think the chance of that is quite good.

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