Friday, June 2, 2017

Climate Change: Making Trump irrelevant

This is what I saw first thing I tap on the top most item on my phone this morning. I made the following notes which OneNote time stamp at 5:20 am

There is no better deal especially when you do not even represent the majority of America on this natter. Just on this issue alone is sufficient to motivate and energize an incredible amount of opposition to make sure you stay no more than one term. 

As I flipped through the myriad news sources and subscription trying to dipstick the mood, among them was one from the WSJ and I was looking for a paper that is not anti-Trump all the time.

Exactly, the rest of the world is too big from Trump to oppose. We would move on without Trump and the shrewd business people would also leave him behind especially the MNCs which have to operate by global norms.

No point getting angry with the deplorables who put him into office and the complacent ones who failed to turn up to vote against him. The best way to make something good of a bad situation is to make Trump irrelevant. Even the mayor of Pittsburgh is on the same page.

Mayor Peduto reacting to Trump that he was elected to serve the people of Pittsburgh and not Paris.

and here is the newly minted French President showing leadership, which we will need to fill the vacuum America is leaving.

Make our Planet Great Again.

America has a fool for a President. Can't wait to see him exit and afterward I am quite sure the history books will be scathing with him.

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