Saturday, June 3, 2017

Climate Change: The Art of the Stupid

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Once again but on a subject of utmost importance the immoral man is indulging in the Art of the Stupid with his supporters. Might as well right? It is common sense that he cannot win anyone who hasn't support him and will never, the smart thing to do is to preserve your base. Most presidents try to broaden their base once elected but that is impossible for him. Playing the Art of the Stupid is just cynicism and taking advantage of fools and idiots i.e., his base.

Tiny, tiny amount? is what his base of deplorables would take away and nothing else. Trump is abusing the findings of the MIT report but the protests of these scientists even if it reached his base would be waved away. That is how self defeating and foolish these people are. How do you help them? They appear like wired for their own destruction but we must not let them take all of us to ignominy with them.

Update: 9:30 am

Got this from the Economist.

"insult the intelligence of his supporters" Methinks not. More like recognizing their stupidity and exploiting it for his own short term benefit.

There is no cure for such foolish stupidity. Society will have to carry this burden until they die of illness or old age. In a more brutal age they get suppressed or shot, which was what happened to the Luddites in Great Britain.

Update: 5:50 pm

Here is some organized stupidity which helps this large segment of Christians stay stupid and gullible. They are a vote bank for Trump and a disservice to everyone including themselves because they don't know and don't want to know. I bet they still believe childhood vaccination cause autism in children. They are the Christian Broadcasting Network or CBN.

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