Tuesday, June 27, 2017

38 Oxley Road: The PAP ministers and PM will lose

The PM and his ministers know they are going to lose to Hsien Yang and Wei Ling. At least they are clever enough to pull out a new score and sing a different song. The chorus will have this line repeated ad nauseam: we are not insisting on keeping the house. And at the end of the day that is what LHY and LWL want to secure. The end result would be as good as all the work of the committee gone down the drain, a shameful waste of time.

These PAP ministers must know by now the public sentiment is turning against them. Even the PAP internet brigade members are no longer left alone but receiving insults from others on Facebook. Just as we don't fight the market, you don't fight the voters. LKY carried the voters with him because a true leader is one who lead the people to a place where they would not on their own go. Since the current generation of PAP ministers are more managers than leaders, you better pay close attention to where the electorate is leaning. At least it appears you are smart enough to do that but I fear you are not good enough for the future of Singapore and you are only in government because we have no choice.

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Update: 10:00 pm

Lee Wei Ling basically expected this. She has confidence in the people her late father helped shaped when he took us away from the natural and disastrous path of poverty and conflict to the modern Singapore of prosperity and harmony.

I bet Wei Ling always knew because she was a caring doctor speaking to so many ordinary folks through the years.

The whole Singapore is the true No. 38 Oxley Road. Get it?

Update: June 28 7:40 am

First thing I saw this morning on Facebook. Then on Whatsapp I received this pic. 

I wouldn't be surprised the public mood is turning against the PM and his involved ministers.

I hope they are not so naive to believe the internal poll.

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