Friday, June 23, 2017

38 Oxley Road: LKY was flexible

The PAP can have its point of view and with its control of the government is the most powerful voice save a spontaneous self organized voice like we saw which rose against the inane population white paper a while ago.

To me, I keep it simple and just simply put in my bit as an individual. It is not my job to ensure outcomes but to give voice to my rights as a citizen.

The late LKY was simply being pragmatic and practical. If the Cabinet had been supportive of his wish to demolish the house, there would be no second part about preserving the house especially that it only be accessible to his descendants. The Cabinet is chosen to represent us but it might not always reflect our wishes. If they fail to do that in important ways, the next elections results will tell. We might not even have to wait for the next general elections. It would already be indicative at the upcoming presidential elections especially if the PAP preferred candidate lost or were elected with a razor thin margin like Tony Tan.

So try us.

Update: June 24: 1:35 pm

On Wednesday the veteran journlist Han Fook Kwang wrote a story highlighting three key points of the Lee's bungalow. 

He suggested that there should not be a ministerial committee to look at this and on the same day got a rebuttal from Teo Chee Hean the chairman of the committee. I wanted to blog about it but was too busy. That was his second point

Today I want to highlight Han's third and final point seeing how the public kerfuffle has developed into the PAP government pushing even harder and the MSM supporting them to consider preserving 38 Oxley Road. 

The authorities did not like Han's views. I was told he was often dissenting and that is why Yes-man Warren Fernandez is doing his job now and he in turn got kicked upstairs. Look at what I have highlighted above. I agree with him and Han should know since he had interacted with LKY extensively over such issues preparing his books. 

Han's view has disappeared and what is published today are either questioning if LKY was unwavering in demolishing the house and the arguments favoring keeping the house as a national monument. Have they done a thought experiment trying to present such arguments to LKY had he been still with us? I imagine he would give them an unforgettable lesson. 

Even in the Forum pages they have decided not to pick a for and an against demolishing the house views. They only print a letter that is for preserving the house. 

It tells me that the government is wagging their finger at ST telling it to behave. 

Let's see who are the candidates for the upcoming elections for president and decide accordingly who I should vote for. No Yes-man or woman for the PAP which is what we now have in the Istana.

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