Monday, May 1, 2017

The last doctor in the family

My brother shared this with us a few days ago. Finally my niece is done with medical school. I was wondering what to do with this pic and then it occurred to me that she would be the first and last doctor in our family. The rest of the kids aren't even interested to become doctors and I agree with my ex classmate when he told me why he discouraged his kids from pursuing medicine.

It is so hard to get into medical school. I have come across several families whose kids wanted to become doctors. Some checked all the right boxes but weren't even called up for the admission interview. Many pursue their doctoring dreams overseas and one even went to China knowing that the qualifications there would not be recognized here.

Oh I just remember my cousin is a pediatrician. In fact she attended to my daughter many years ago in NUH.

Update: May 2, 2:55 pm

Got this from my sister.

A doctor can do a lot of good but that demands you choose one of the less traveled roads. I didn't think my cousin take one of such paths and that is why I almost forget she is also a doctor. 


  1. Wow, Congrats!!

    1. Thanks as I do not want to be churlish here. I am about to update this post with something my sis shared. We have mixed feelings about being a doctor. Many who have become doctors should never have and there are those who should have gotten into medical school but did not. I only hope she would be happy as a doctor. Her late grand parents would have been proud but among us we are too world weary not to see it from other angles as well.

  2. In last time china 3 or 5 yrs of age start to

    Learn medicine.medicine man r born not made.