Saturday, May 13, 2017

New and dangerous attitude toward drugs

I just finished reading this story from Today. One paragraph jumped at me which caused me to make this post.
A 25-year-old woman, who graduated from a local university and works in the media industry, claimed that taking cannabis was just like drinking coffee. “It’s popular among successful entrepreneurs”, she said. While in university, she took cannabis - also known as marijuana or weed - daily before she went for class, and even before examinations.
My daughter sometimes reported to me that some of the students have incredible stamina that she cannot even compare with them. I think I know why and hopefully this is only true for some of them.  The global environment and media attitude toward drugs is getting softer and with that it throws off an aura that drugs are benign.

The threat has changed and now these dangerous stuff is sold with false claims and half truths. Some of these drugs grow on you so slowly you thought it is safe. The only way to discover their danger is when you are trapped.

Update: May 14 7:55 pm

I had wanted especially to share this earlier but it wasn't convenient until now.

His public remark that drug abuse is commonplace was nothing less than sobering. Catch that in the video clip. 

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