Monday, May 29, 2017

George Yeo thinks China less prone to populism

George Yeo's article in the HuffPost which is reprinted in the ST today.

He is rare in his ability to see the world equally through western and asian perspectives but I wished he would be more realistic about our common human nature. The better angels among us is under assault when people feel less confident and secure. Chinese outward confidence even bravado hides inward insecurities.

Imagine had the Xiongnu been more technologically advanced than the Chinese, had they had a fair bid of arable land as well instead of grass and desert to sustain a livelihood on harsh animal husbandry. This is what the modern Xiongnus possess vis a vis China. So just like the Hans learned to own and ride battle horses because the Xiongnu had used that edge against them to devastating effect, and later the Hans took the war to Xiongnu territory as well, China today will do the same. China will assert its power beyond its territory for its security and self-interests. Hence the One Road, One Belt.

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