Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump pattern of failures beginning

The guy who supposedly knew how to win did the childish and stupidest thing as a politician. He confused politics with business which is by far a much easier enterprise than government.

Democratic politics anywhere but especially in America is about compromise. More important to get what you want you have to acquire and grow your leverage which is the strongest form of political capital. Trump failed to see that he has a lot more to lose than the lawmakers of his own party playing poker with them. This is basic and he didn't know. Well he didn't know that healthcare was so complicated. He mostly doesn't know what he is talking about.

He will surely go down in US history as the worst  president. What has happened with his first legislative initiative will be repeated many times. 

See Bloomberg story.

Update: March 26 8:05 pm

The simple takeaway is that when push comes to shove, Donald Trump always adapt. This begs the question is can he? There is not route to success with his disunited party. He would have to work with the Democrats, and why would they unless they can get their pound of flesh?

We shall see. 

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