Sunday, March 26, 2017

Parents overwhelmed by fear

I get an email every day about some good ebooks going for a steal. This is one of them which I no longer or perhaps never needed. On the other hand I could think of many friend who would have benefited but I guess it has come many years too late. More importantly I don't think it wold have made a difference. Their lives are rules mostly by fear of losing out and reason is a poor antidote to fear.

On Tuesday I came across this picture and whatsapp it to my daughter.

It would be very difficult if fear become entrenched in her before she is vaccinated. I am starting to constantly cajole her not to exaggerate danger or risk as she leaves the safety of the MOE school system. The temp job her aunt helped arrange before she matriculate has been a godsend training opportunity. Her immediate boss a Harvard trained scientist told her she is very fortunate to get such exposure at such a young age. 

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