Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Health care rationing

Excerpt from NYT article: How Republicans Plan to Ration Health Care.

Two things here.

  1. There are millions of stupid American voters who do not know what is good for them voting for Trump.
  2. When will the American experience be exported to other countries, including us as well?

The above story from the NYT is what will happen if the Republicans succeeds in repealing Obamacare.

What happens in America often have a strange way as a matter of degree to spread around the world. E.g., we use the medical technology and drugs they develop and we also have to pay some of the high prices. Healthcare inflation runs much higher than the CPI. It is only a matter of time what is expensive becomes unaffordable.

We can make it affordable by "loving your neighbor as yourself". I don't mean it in the biblical sense which is an moral ideal, but that tragic case reported in the NYT would never have happened if we through a system (in this instance universal insurance) help each other. That would not solve the problem forever but it will buy us time to shift the focus toward making healthcare more affordable through medical innovations e.g., cheaper and safer keyhole surgery versus open surgery etc.,

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