Friday, March 17, 2017

China impatience over Taiwan

Nobody publishable in the media wants to talk about it, but North Korea provides an example of how to defend yourself against a super power. Go nuclear.

Taiwan needn't consider that option yet but in the not too distant future military power in many more contexts do not belong to the biggest and most powerful always prevailing. Alternatives to nuclear weapons that do not include biological agents or chemical substances would be developed. The Israelis would probably get there first and Taiwan would be motivated to go down that road as well.

No wonder the Chinese are anxious to get Taiwan back. Strategic patience is extremely risky to achieving the return of the island to the mainland. 

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  1. Think Israel already has nuclear weapons. The nation that can go nuclear the fastest is actually Japan. They are 1 or 2 steps away from having the nuclear weapons only American interest is keeping them from achieving. Anyways time is running out for China as the younger generation in Taiwan see themselves as Taiwanese now. But what is on China cards? All out war or keep the status quo as long as no Independence is declare. Good article on FT this week on this worth a read. Taiwan just need an army that can stall the PLA enough for the mood at home to sour will do.