Saturday, February 11, 2017

Xi Jinping educates Donald Trump

Trump failed to understand that protocols help to avoid misunderstanding and reduce the risk of war. Do not imagine diplomatic negotiations to be inferior to business deal making. In fact it is the other way round. Diplomacy is not acting like a big bully in school yard against other kids. Meet a man Donald. Xi Jinping is more than your equal!

The question now is has Trump been educated? It took Reagan a year or two to achieve that but Reagan had a far more suitable temperament than Trump for the job of president.

May be too much to ask for at this point but I hoped Trump learned some manners from Xi Jinping. Unlike Reagan, I am doubtful Trump's big ego allows him to publicly learn anything. After all he thinks he is the best. Everyone is hurrying to be number two now including us.  

Just staying silence and let the natural diplomatic currents that is flowing all the time take care of it. This is the Art of War stupid Trump. Get it?

"All Diplomacy is the continuation of War by other means." Zhou Enlai response to the original by Count Clausewitz. I bet Trump have never heard of these two personalities. 

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