Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stupidity an insurmountable barrier?

I saw this at Daiso IMM on the 29th last month (second day of CNY) and I just had to snap a photo of it.

Two days ago, I came across this.

and in two aphorisms it tell you that stupidity has no cure as my ex boss sometimes remarked.

I think there is a cure for most people afflicted with this illness if I may call it such. Most stupidity are unnecessary and only because they are lazy. Now here is the big problem, it is really hard to get people to be more hardworking.

Do you know that laziness can masquerade as hard work? It is stupid hard work which is unthinkingly doing the same thing over and over again ignoring the poor results. This is very common beginning from school. My children used to ask me why some of their classmates despite being very hard working do badly academically. Not always but often it is laziness hiding as hard work. Henry Ford understood this very well. He claimed his job at Ford is the hardest because he needs to always think and come up with solutions but most of his workers only need to be in motion with the assembly line. He had created a system which the hard working lazy can make a good living but of course it didn't last. True hard work would be rewarded but laziness in the guise of hard work only last so long.

We are a naturally lazy specie. Hard work requires working in System 2 thinking mode and most people find that very tiring. So they take short cuts and in politics it is waiting for a disaster: Donald Trump.

That is why the more thoughtful folks point their fingers at most of Trump's voters and say, "You are stupid". That is obvious from the sort of TV they watch - no mental effort needed. It is almost impossible to get them to use their heads and if they fail to do that they will surely not have what it takes to land high paying jobs Trump had promised them.

Well Trump is also stupid and he outsource is thinking to Steve Bannon. Behind the hordes of stupid people are the dangerous and evil manipulators.

See this story by the Guardian newspaper: My dad predicted Trump in 1985 – it's not Orwell, he warned, it's Brave New World.

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