Thursday, February 2, 2017

No longer "It's the economy stupid"

The age of "It's the economy stupid" is over. Many no longer look to their economic participation to achieve a better life or unconsciously build they heaven on earth. They are going back to where they came from, back to religion, culture and ethnicity.

Economic growth was the solution to society's problems but with yawning wealth and income gaps that is not tenable. There is no known equitable way to redistribute wealth, there is no level playing field and those who have lost out have either lost hope or are no longer patient. History threatens to repeat itself violently with war and massive wealth destruction so that the cards may be shuffled again. Now with enormous nuclear arsenals is this possible and would not the next cataclysm be our last? Unlike previous generations we are far more well informed and aware of what could be looming ahead of us. This gives us a good fighting chance to disrupt the historical script. 

Leaders have to watch out that at some point the economic argument would not be sufficient to obtain the support of the people. Already pressure groups are promoting their agendas often at the expense of the economy. That do not always need to be bad and competitive as sometimes their longer term goals are the same. 

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