Saturday, February 25, 2017

Delusional North Korean Government

The North Korean regime lives on a different planet! This you know when you have something to compare them with: Malaysia vs the DPRK over the killing of Kim Jong Nam.

Kim Jong Un regime is clearly more unstable than his father's. One can expect and understand that during the change of regime but having being in power for several years this is how the North Koreans behave if really cause for worry. Meanwhile the Chinese have practically given up and telling mad Trump the DPRK is his problem.

If the North Korean government was unstable before, it is probably dangerously so now.

If the six powers especially America cannot resolve the debacle with the North Koreans then this will eventually be resolved tragically on terms worse than any we can imagine now even with a military solution.

Update: March 7, 12:50 pm

Quoting from the end of the article:

Pyongyang’s move to prevent Malaysians from departing “is unprecedented stuff for the North Koreans,” said Michael Madden, the editor of North Korea Leadership Watch, a website that tracks the movements and policies of North Korea’s leadership. “North Korean diplomats have been involved in some funny business before but it has never been handled like this,” he said.
North Korea’s ban on Malaysians leaving the country could invite an international response beyond just Malaysia, said Leonid Petrov, an expert on North Korea at the Australian National University. “North Korea is playing with fire,” he said. “What North Korea is doing right now is akin to their longstanding tradition of kidnapping people.”

Kim Jong Un is possibly more dangerous than his grandfather and father. I wonder if he understands what he is trying to do making other countries imagine that he would be easily provoked to launch a nuclear attack once he is capable of it. In this scenario, it would make sense to bumped him off or even attack and destroy the North Korean government. The question is whether China and the US would bit the bullet. The rest of us must understand that with Kim Jong Un in charge the peace we live under now would not last long, the longer we wait the higher the price we will pay to protect the peace. The path he is taking is utter foolishness. Of course as I write this on my mind is the recent simultaneous launch of four long range missiles suggesting that he would use a volley of projectiles to overwhelm any anti-missile defenses protecting American bases in South Korea and Japan.


  1. Actually it is a little too late for anything else. They will just have to learn to live with us or being blackmail. The North Korean do not need missile to deliver the nuke, just blow it up in their territory will do. And Korea will be severely affected.

    1. You are probably right that it is too late. They kicked the can down the street for too long.

      I also agree with you about detonating a bomb in their own territory. That would either be an accident or act of desperation. There will be panic and alarm all over the world.