Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Committee of the Future Economy and UPS

There is so much going in my mind and I am not ready yet to blog about the Committee of the Future Economy and Budget 2017. But part of the thinking process is Amazon's surprising physical store effort and this experiment UPS has been conducting in using drones to deliver parcels.

This is a huge topic and our education system is not preparing as well for the future. On the other hand and very fortunate for us, we are most likely among the best prepared as a nation and economy. Where we fall short is when we are benchmarked against the niche best. E.g., Sing Post can do better than most national postal services but what about comparing it against say UPS? Our universities might improve in ranking but to be meaningful the competition is not taken at the college level but the schools and departments within.

Digitization, artificial intelligence and robotics are involved in this UPS effort and also key ideas and thrusts in where the Committee of the Future Economy is taking us.

As for jobs, sometime in the foreseeable future the UPS girl might not be driving the truck but captain all the capabilities of a self driving multi-functional vehicle. What we are seeing in this clip is a baby step toward that future reality.

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