Saturday, February 4, 2017

America becoming like Trump

As Trump is determined to assert his will on America so the country will become like him in the process. He hasn't even been a few weeks on the job.

It is up to Americans who allowed it this to happen to fix it.

Most Americans aren't like Trump especially those who lived in the coastal cities but it doesn't matter since visitors meet government representatives first on arrival. Even in normal times I detested dealing with the TSA. Not only are they often arrogant but they also asked stupid questions reflecting on the sorry state of US education. The last time I was in SFO one of them was making unnecessary remarks about the schools my girls go to. If not for their power to bully, I would have ticked him off. Now the former PM of Norway has had to endured much more.

Would not be visiting USA as long as Trump is president.

Update: Feb 5 8:40 am

And in our media as well.

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