Friday, February 24, 2017

A levels: Just change the personal particulars

Finally the younger child is also out of the MOE school system. On this page one except for the personal particulars and year it would be a cloned copy of her elder sister's results. Now the happy problem is what to read in university?

Update: Feb 25 9:50 am

Was looking for something else when I came across this before finding what I want - Minister Anifah calling the DPRK ambassador delusional.

"Why me?" Probably nobody knows the answer but I was pining for a fairy tale ending to the story. There wasn't one. Perhaps some time in future? Pray so.

Cannot just read what was said but unsaid as well. Nothing mentioned how her father is coping with lung cancer.

Never be too happy, neither be too sad. Not yet anyway.

Update: Feb 26 9:40 pm

Elder sis who has had slightly better results three years before writing to her younger sibling.

Choosing a university course

The wait is over, it’s done!
The results are in your hands
The A level, its fuss and stress
Is finally at an end

You celebrate and vow
Never to do that again
You will never again suffer
That horrendous pain

But now a different problem lies waiting
Whose importance ranks higher still
Choosing a university course
Decide on which you will?

It’s harder than you expected
A million thoughts cram your mind
Job prospects, workload
Any other that you can find

Should you do what you like?
Actually, what is that?
What would you do
If things turn out bad?

Stability or opportunity?
Now or in the future?
And all these university material
The paper waste harms nature!

You search for a direction
A way to think it right
But you find you’re not sure
What is your guiding light

The stress mounts up and you sigh
It’s too much for today
So you stop and leave it
In the back of the brain as you play

But you know you will return
And think on it some more
Because without this decision
What was all those As for?


  1. Congrats to you and your daughter for the excellent result. Must have been through years of diligence and perseverance...well done! May she be guided in selecting a suitable course of study that fits her interest. All best! regards/Michael

    1. Thanks Michael! Yep, now to carefully evaluate what to read in university.

      I think I had blogged before how my two girls learn in our educational system. Most times they do the minimum or minimum plus if the subject is especially challenging and only very hard during the years when they have path determining exams e.g., PSLE. The most important of these is the A levels and that is when they try the hardest and score their academic best. This is our way to make sure they still have a life. Nevertheless as a parent I found the journey tiring. Well that is life in SG!

  2. Dengan Hormat,

    Mohon memberikan ucapan selamat kepada anakmu didalam Bahasa Indonesia/Bahasa Kebangsaan. "Buah tidak jatuh jauh dari pohon".

    Izinkan kami ucapkan sekalilagi bahwa anda dan sekeluarga anda senantiasa menikmatin sukses dan kebahagian selama2nya.


    1. Thanks David, "The fruit does not fall far from its tree" Were you thinking of Durians too! :-)

    2. well as an astute mind reader...Syabas! :)