Monday, December 12, 2016

Trump making a mess of US-China relations

What a mess from Trump. Why did you stir the hornets nest without first sedating them first? Better still why didn't you give yourself the chance to study this issue close up before acting? But you are too cocky and think private sector ways are superior to government approaches. Just as a lumberjack looks at every problem as a tree to be cut down, you think every issue in the world can be turned into a business issue? What an idiot you are.

Given that Trump is so thin skinned and adverse to losing, would he now be willing to walk back from here? The Chinese just insulted him with "as ignorant of diplomacy as a child"

What does "Beijing may support US enemies" mean? Did he never understand that "enemies" here could easily mean helping Pyongyang with long range missile technology to lob nuclear warheads at US cities on the west coast? The Chinese are prepared to go to war over Taiwan even if they cannot win. America might win on the battlefield but would surely lose the war and the rest of the world with it. In fact the lesser evil lawmakers already knew all along is to fail to go to Taiwan's aid. The secret of this relationship between the US and China is never to call each other bluff over Taiwan. Absolutely nobody wins here.

Trump is indeed a fool in the biblical sense. I hope the electors from the Electoral College have the wisdom not to vote for him come December 19.



    Might be useful to note

    1. Thanks! Very good article. Many journalists writing about the relationship do not have enough understand it well. Instead of informing added to the confusion especially when they bring a win-lose attitude over single issues. It is a complex relationship with plenty of baggage. There is no consensus on both sides on how to see the other side. Overall I think the late LKY grasped it best. There is no future between the two as long as one side see this as a zero sum or negative sum game which for now is how Trump and his closest advisers see it.

      Removing some baggage helps to improve the relationship. I am afraid that is not happening. Instead they are adding to it.