Saturday, December 3, 2016

Trump as feared

What a reckless and blockheaded move by Trump (see Huff's story). There is no way you can see this as smart. My guess is the Chinese will ignore him but they will REMEMBER! because Trump is new and wet behind the ears. He is also not yet fully POTUS.

If unilateralism is part of making America great again then he will soon discover such recklessness frightens America's allies. Keep pushing in this direction and your allies might make a deal with China to contain America in case this fool tries to go for broke in US-China relations. Then we are no longer even talking about a zero sum but negative sum game i.e., war. Nobody wants that. I hope his advisers are capable of saving all of us from his stupidity. We will know they have made some progress if they can get him to surrender his twitter account again otherwise people will take desperate measures because there are no hills to run to.

On the other hand these are some of the things he gotta do that could eventually lead to impeachment. Pity it is a GOP Congress. It would be a much shorter trip were it a Democratic Congress. That is what happens when party interests is put ahead of nation. This man was clearly unfit to be POTUS even during the primaries stage of the race.

This is Trump as feared and more to fear coming.

Update: 10:20 am

Like that ah? That is really asking for trouble. The Chinese will not stay silent unless they are quarreling among themselves over a Trump they don't understand.

Below shows the man just didn't or can't get it.

Sometimes I tell my kids that to a lumberjack every problem is a tree to be chopped down. Likewise every issue to Trump is a business deal issue! Every good and effective president is never going to come prepared as POTUS. Therefore the most important attitude is humility. You must have enough self confidence in yourself to listen and take advice from experts. Then you must let the right balance of tension between faith in your values and what is realistic guide you. I am reminded this man has no values other than his own self promotion. Therefore he will fail as POTUS even as we are more than a month away from his inauguration.

Update: 7:15 pm

The Chinese shrewdly adapted to an unusual incoming POTUS and decided they should be the adult in interlocution with the kid called Trump. Every government is learning how to live with Trump in a hurry.

The adults in the outgoing White House is urging the kid to always check with his parents and please grow up in a hurry. I have my doubt a 50 year old could learn new tricks, much less a 70 year old. Growing old is not an option but growing up is!

The above from NYT.

Update: 7:35 pm

If it was indeed true that Trump claimed to be a NYT reader then he would be reading this very soon.

It is a chronology of his free and easy phone calls with several world leaders with NYT explaining their impact which Trump was obviously clueless about when they happened. This guy loves to learn lessons the hard way and publicly too, if he is even capable of learning. Sadly he is too old and powerful to use a rod on.


  1. Maybe its you who is too old for the new era. Cant you see, things are changing

    1. It trying to usher in a dark age of dystopia leading to wars which we must resist. If you are seeing a bright new dawn then you have been conned by fake news and reports.