Monday, December 5, 2016

The Chinese learn to read Trump

China's leaders had watched Trump on the campaign trail. Like previous presidential campaigns they had hoped Trump would be a different person once in office because as Obama quoted Cuomo who died recently, said you campaign in poetry but govern in prose. Well with Trump that could not be more wrong. I think we all know Trump cannot change or adapt but that possibility was just too terrible to contemplate. Now there is no ambiguity left. Your hopes and prayers are not answered.

To put it most mildly it would be a wild ride in the days ahead. The ignoramus Trump never understood why diplomacy is conducted the way it is. Historically kingdoms had paid in coin, blood and territory to develop today's norms in international relations.

How to deal with Trump? Always figure how to give him rope which he will eventually need to hang himself. He is a fool in the Biblical sense. He can calculate one, two steps ahead but have no idea how everything will eventually come together to work against him.

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  1. Sounds familiar, Clinton did that. Clinton push him to take the rope, and Clinton lose. Perhaps if things can be more simple, people is tired with people with politics