Friday, December 2, 2016

The Abuse of Twitter: First America, now India

Trump has given ideas to many bad hats how to abuse Twitter. The infection has traveled to India Tata. This is taking Twitter far away from the original design of its founders isn't it? 140 characters per message is the fool's way to create misunderstanding and sowing all sorts of trouble. Who knows the next war might actually be caused by tweeting.

I watched in dismay how Trump dumbed down complex issues with tweets. This is a like a horror story made popular in the movies when two parts need to find each other in order to unleash hell. The latest incarnation of this plot line was in the last Star Trek movie: Beyond. The gullible folks found Trump or more accurately Trump found them. Together they will unwittingly attempt to destroy the world eh? I hope I have been too dramatic.

I am amazed at Obama's faith in the US Constitution and values of inclusiveness. Grasping for faith  I told my ex-boss, after Star Wars comes the Empire Strikes Back and now we must get to the Return of the Jedi.

I would not be sad if Jack Dorsey figures a way to shut down Twitter. Good that nobody wants to buy it.

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