Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Terrex? Just wait long long

Three meetings between APL and HK customs officials over many hours that you thought they were in love and dating each other and still we are no wiser why they are holding our Terrex vehicles.

I have written before there are no reasons good enough for public consumption and increasingly it looks like this is simply a tactic of "wait long long" a very Chinese approach before they release the armor vehicles to us without reason.

Probably one day one of their senior leaders will tell our leaders why it happened. Anyway you cannot believe wholesale what Global Times say about this. Meanwhile we will sail directly from Taiwan to Singapore as the lesson to take away from this experience.

Update: Dec 23 8:25 pm

Can't make Christmas but I think as long as we take the necessary bureaucratic steps these ICVs will be back home, which naturally takes a while. Very important to note that the Xiamen port authorities informed their Hong Kong counterpart to act. In this way the Chinese played both heads and tails but at Hong Kong's expense.

Hong Kong can expect more misuse and even abuse as China needs it less never mind if it sends the wrong signal to Taiwan.

Update: Jan 24 8:35 pm

Yep, they are home in the manner of following proper procedures i.e., done the way we always want things done especially in dealing with other countries, upholding the "rule of law"

Update Jan 31 2:05 pm

They are home :-)

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