Sunday, December 18, 2016

Should Evangelicals Evolve on Homosexuality?

Even without reading the article, my response is No. Then I went to read the article which is too "cheem" for some, may be many. So those who feel that is "too deep" should just forget it. Don't get unmoored by it or get angry over it. Go find something more helpful. If your desire tends toward homosexuality you will be happiest with that. If you have the opposite inclination then don't do what the gays are doing. If you are careless and hateful about what you have to say to the homosexuals, most likely you are worse than them, and if they call you out as a hypocrite which I have done several in previous posts, they are probably on the mark.

Some of my blog post will cause readers to go away thinking I am friendly to the homosexuals. My quickest response to that is that my position is very close to Pope Francis. Thank God for him!

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