Saturday, December 3, 2016

Regretting not making the effort to vote

Just caught this off CNet.

Never learned the lesson from Brexit eh? Too many of you were sitting on your bottoms instead of making that effort to vote. Now it is probably too late for tears.

Electoral College electors can see what Trump is doing before his inauguration. The man is a loose cannon unfit to be POTUS. You are not running some software inside you which says you must vote Trump. You are flesh and blood. If no disaster befall the world because of your vote, good on you otherwise you will have eternity to regret. The sanctity of the union is on your shoulders, use your good judgement. He had conned many voters, do you still go along with that? Why did the founding fathers create this institution which you are now its stewards?

Next date to watch: December 19. (The US electoral college)

Update: Dec 13 5:35 pm

Not too hopeful but this is a right and necessary step. Electors ought to reject Trump and those who were responsible for defending the US against the Russians should be brought to task for their failure.

See CNN.

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