Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Moore: Coyly, Trump might not be President

When the new bond king Gundlach predicted that Trump would win, I was not persuaded. A few months later I read Mike Moore's who predicted the same and explained why, I thought yes, he might turned out to be right. Then I saw how Obama's job rating keeps going up and thinking like a Singaporean and making the mistake that voters anywhere would do the same, I thought well, Hillary Clinton is going to win. Just look at how the Obamas were campaigning for her. I never trust those poll numbers.

On November 10 I discovered I  was wrong. For us we are only afraid of two freak outcomes in elections: ours and the USA.

Now Mike Moore is suggesting we might never see Trump become president. I welcome that!

Earlier I thought that was only good on paper but my hopes that the electoral college would reject Trump is rising.

Update: 10:45 pm

Looks like the idea of the Electoral College acting to stop Trump is gaining currency even if the stories are heavily hedged. Here is one from the BBC: Could the Electoral College dump Trump?

"foreign powers" and that would be Russia, checked.
"unqualified candidates" too many in Trump's character and track record to enumerate: checked.

Update: Dec 20 7:55 am

There we have it, the most unfit President of the United States of America.

Michael Moore was wrong and I am glad I have no money on this outcome.

As electors represented the voters so well they might as well not have the Electoral College. This bit their founding fathers put in has failed.

Update: Dec 20 8:35 pm

From this Reuters story I get to appreciate Alexander Hamilton's idea of the Electoral College was too idealistic and impractical. I agree with Governor Jay Inslee that it should be abolished. Besides the system has been almost completely gamed. If it hadn't it would have caused chaos simply because the founding fathers did not advise on how electors ought to be chosen.

It is interesting to note that voters mostly saw their system as a democracy when it is more accurate to say they are a republic.


  1. Fool, what you will have is civil war. Fool

    1. The greater foolishness is to risk nuclear war and there are more than a few ways Trump can start one. Anyway a civil war risk is only a barking dog. A repeat of 9/11 is far more likely under Trump who doesn't even bother to read the daily intelligence briefing. Do you know that had Bush paid attention to an August morning intelligence briefing instead of gotten distracted with fishing, the twin towers might still be here? You don't do your homework and I am not even American.

  2. Replies
    1. You have added nothing to this discussion. You are just deplorable. Let me teach you the 101 of thinking. It never occurr to you that if what you said made sense there should be a civil war starting in America already because Trump won? Well it is clear as day there is nothing much more than street protests and the determination to shelter some undocumented aliens. Why should there be a civil war if Trump lost? You bought into his scare mongering. For goodness sake, use your head, but something tell me you are too dumb to understand this. Well I am only responding for my own record and sake. If you have any brains you would know what I would do next. Don't confirm your idiocy to other readers.

  3. saying fool to a son that going to burn the whole house is never about a fool but love

    watch and learn

  4. I'm not the one calling fool but responding to Peng You's article. Just want to add. My sense is quite likely Trump will pass tonight.

    "If no candidate reaches 270 in the Electoral College, the president is chosen by the U.S. House of Representatives — currently controlled by Republicans."

    1. Thanks. Together with the experts you could well be right. I have a preference but no conviction on the outcome because I don't understand this well enough. Besides we are on the other side of the world from them. To be practical it doesn't matter what I think the outcome would be. We are price takers. I only wish people understand how risky a Trump's presidency is.