Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bought Logitech K380 keyboard

I am improving the quality of my work life with a new keyboard: Logitech K380 at $32.75 by ordering it off Qo10 with Video Pro at Sim Lim Square. The regular price is $54

I opted self collect to take the daughter on an orientation shopping at SL Square. Apparently you don't collect your order from the main shop. A guy from the shop smiled and told me everyone makes this mistake.

So here was where we went to pick up this keyboard.

I grudgingly accepted that I can't do a print screen with this keyboard but was pleasantly surprised that I could. Some of the keys are also programmable. Here are the short cuts. 

Now my PC, Tablet and Smartphone are all connected to this keyboard. When desk real estate is scarce this is much welcomed. 

Finally this is a low profile keyboard, practically silent. This is very important as I have injured my hands several times with regular keyboards. Finally I found a keyboard as suitable for typing as the Microsoft Arc Keyboard. 

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