Monday, December 5, 2016


I was impatient reading this story from the WSJ, Keep wondering how quickly I can get to the end of it and yet not speeding along too much till I missed too much and have to return to some point and move forward again. My reaction? What the hell the FBI thought they were doing? Cocky investigators who have a tunnel vision with a cocksure attitude with no idea how the world outside their world work and yet tasked with poking their fingers everywhere. The value of this read? To have an understanding what Hillary Clinton endured. History will be kind to her but that takes time for people to discover. It was never a choice between her and Trump. There was no comparison. Voters have chosen the wrong person but more damning were those who didn't make the effort to go out and vote against Trump.

Conclusion? In vital ways the FBI trying to keep America safer has inadvertently made their country more vulnerable. In diplomacy and spying between the human and the technology, the human always win. Israel know this intimately and has kept them safe.

As usual I am reminded of Churchill's aphorism about the American tendency to try every dumb idea before hitting on the right one.

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